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The Story of ProKeyCoach

New Approach. Individualized. Proven Results.


  • WHAT WE DO - ProKeyCoach means "the coach for the keys". The keys to your game. ProKeyCoach is based on 20 years of experience in human profiling and observing and many years of studying and coaching hockey players. This approach has determined many "hockey secrets" that very few people know today. A hockey player should know and use his preferences to have success on and off the ice. The unique tests, profiling & players scan allow us to establish hockey types and profiles. Once the profile is validated, the individualization job can start.

  • INDIVIDUALIZED - The unique inborn profile ProKeyCoach creates, allows us to work on 4 different individualization levels:

  1. On Ice: individual tactics and techniques based on your unique profile

  2. Off Ice: individualized conditioning training based on your profile

  3. Recovery: massage, auto-message, stretching, and Yoga based on your profile

  4. Personality: personal development based on your profile for your hockey career and your life after

  • PROVEN PROCESS - Thanks to the ProKeyCoach approach, you can find YOUR Hockey ID. Thanks to the profile, ProKeyCoach can explain why certain methods of training or techniques work for you and why others won't.

About ProKeyCoach: About Me
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