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12 Step Proven Process to Becoming Elite

  • 12Weeks
  • 6Steps


If you’ve tried all kinds of do-it-yourself solutions to improve your life and they haven’t worked, then I have something you’ll be interested in. If you are searching for an answer to improve your mindset to get the most out of each day, then making a shift within each of the four pillars of performance—psychological, physical, spiritual, and emotional—and utilizing the strategies within this 12-step proven process will help you to become elite. It will improve your daily well-being and guarantee you the ability to reach your potential every single day. Imagine if you could wake up each morning knowing that if you followed a straightforward process through a 10-minute morning check-in, a mid-day recalibration, and a 5-minute nightly pulse, you would be guaranteed to have a more productive and well-rounded day. Not just today, but tomorrow as well. As a former professional hockey player, I faced daily challenges to make it to the top. By implementing the tools discussed in this book, I was able to consistently perform at the top of my game. After retiring from hockey and trying to figure out my next step in life, I struggled with finding out what success looked like next. Once I realized the steps and tools I used as a high-performing athlete could transfer to becoming elite in my career in the real world, my life changed dramatically once again.

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