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Since starting my business in 2000, I have been happily sharing tips and helpful resources with clients and with the greater community. I believe that everybody, not just my loyal clients, should have access to the information and tools that will lead to more positive and fulfilling life pursuits. Check out some of the stories and resources below and CONTACT ME if you want to learn more.


4 Apps to Make You More Productive

Making the Shift in your life is a huge step in the right direction of finding your true passion and happiness in life. I've found that these 4 apps helped me to stay accountable, stay focused, and push me to keep going on a daily basis. This plan is built around the 4 Pillars of the Shift!

1 - Psychological | Mindset is the ultimate source for daily motivation! You are able to customize the approach as to what you need in order to Make the Psychological Shift!

2 - Psychical | 1st Phorm will help you transform your life. Whether you're trying to lose weight, gain muscle, get help with your nutrition, exercise more consistently, or just switch up your workout routine a bit, the 1st Phorm App has the tools to help get you the results you're looking for as you Make the Physical Shift!

3 - Spiritual | YouVersion Bible is part of my morning routine to get centered around my faith. This will help you set the foundation as you look to grow within your spiritual well-being as you Make the Spiritual Shift!

4 - Emotional | Moodfit is the go-to for tools and insights for your Mental Health. It helps you journal your emotional state as you Make the Emotional Shift! 

Image by Clark Tibbs

Leadership Summit Announced

We are excited to announce our annual Leadership Summit to be hosted in 2023! This will be a can't-miss event with some inspirational speakers and a community of impactful leaders around the world. It is an invite-only event that will have limited space available. Please contact us to APPLY NOW. We are excited to help you become ELITE and Make the Shift to a new you!

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How to Stop Overthinking

Everyone who first starts to commit to Make the Shift continues to identify how hard it is to not overthink what is next or have the desire to control the outcome. The reality of the situation is the more you "overthink" the less you accomplish. But the more you "think" within the 4 Pillars of the Shift, the more you can accomplish. It is taking the "over" out of the equation that is the hardest part of finding your true passion and purpose in life. As the founder, I've had many personal instances of overthinking which ultimately turned into "paralysis by analysis". Which basically means, nothing happened. No movement towards the Ultimate Shift. No ability to make a difference. And eventually, it turned into stress, fear, anxiety, or hopelessness. In order to make sure you change your mindset from "overthinking" to a more directed thought process of "thinking", you need to follow the steps laid out in Making the Shift;

Step 1 | Complete the 10 Minute Daily Check-In

Step 2 | Perform a Mid-Day Recalibration

Step 3 | End the Day with a 5 Minute Nightly Pulse

It looks simple. It sounds attainable. It seems ideal. But it is not EASY. Most people fail because they aren't willing to commit. What do you want in your life? Only you know, but if you want to change and push the envelope then Let's Make the Shift Together by taking one step at a time in the right direction. Let's Go!

News and Tips: News and Tips
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